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1.Meal orders are required in advance

At a ryokan, if you would like to have meals, you have to order before your checking-in because there are lots of time and effort. At a ryokan, meals are generally taken in the guestrooms.
The attendant will politely explain about each dish as she serves the food.
Here, you will be able to fully enjoy the skills of Japanese cuisine which cannot be experienced even in Japanese homes.
The various dishes of your dinner will be brought to your guestroom by the room attendant.
They will be served at the best temperature for each of the dishes, in other words, hot dishes will be served hot, and cold dishes will be served cold.
The Nakai-san is always attentive and aware of the pace at which the guests are dining, so that she can serve dishes at the perfect timing, in close collaboration with the kitchen staff.

japanese meal
2.Take off your shoes at the door

In some ryokans you take off your footwear in the main entrance hall, and in others you remove your shoes at the entrance to your room.
For the case of main entrance hall, you keep your shoes in the shelf provided, or perhaps stuffs place them in the shelf.
If there are slippers prepared, use them. For the case of taking off your shoes at your room entrance, keep them at the entrance of your room.
Please do not enter your room with your shoes on.

3.How to use toilets

After you use toilet, please push a button for flush. Flush your used toilet paper together.

4.Etiquette when using onsen

There is certain etiquette to bear in mind when enjoying the culture of Japanese onsen so as not to make other people uncomfortable.
So that you can become even more familiar with the culture of Japanese onsen, we have made a list of general etiquette for you.
This is not etiquette in its entirety so at least try not to forget to “consider the other people around you”.

1.Use the toilet facilities before removing clothes and going to the baths.
  • ● Some changing rooms do have toilet facilities.
  • ● Eating and drinking are not permitted in the baths.
  • ● It is advisable to drink liquids before going to the baths.
  • ● Usage times differ from inn to inn.
2.Do not take valuables to the changing rooms.
  • ● Do not take valuables to the changing rooms.
    These should be left at the front desk or in the safe in your room.
3.Remove all clothes in the changing rooms and place them in the basket or locker provided. 4.Wash before getting into the baths.
  • ● For health reasons, rather than diving head first into a hot bath,
    it is better to slowly ease yourself in from the feet (the part of the body furthest from the heart)
    so that your body gets used to the bath slowly.
  • ● Please do not stand up while you are washing.
  • ● After washing, make sure to rinse properly so that there is no soap left on your body.
  • ● Return your washing station stools and basins to their original position after use for the sake of
    the next person to use them.
5.Pour some of the bathwater over yourself before getting into the bath.
Take your time when getting into a hot bath.
  • ● Use the buckets provided to pour water from the bath over yourself.
6.Do not put towels in the baths.
  • ● It is not good manners to talk loudly in the baths.
  • ● It is not good for your health to spend a long time in the bath.
7. When you are finished, dry yourself before returning to the changing rooms. 8. After taking a bath, avoid strenuous exercise and make sure to drink plenty of liquids.
  • ● After taking a bath, the body loses water due to perspiration and dieresis and blood viscosity
    rises so it is advisable to drink at least one glass of water for the purposes of rehydration. If potable
    spring water is available, drinking this will replace the minerals lost through perspiration.
5.Procedures when staying at a ryokan 1 cheak - in 2 Being shown to your room
  • ● After check-in you will be shown to your room. Some ryokan will provide you with tea and snacks at this time.
  • ● You will get very tired if you go straight to the baths as soon as you have arrived so why not take half an hour and soak up the Japanese atmosphere of your room?
Being shown to your room
Being shown to your room
3 Bath/Other
  • Some ryokan have such things as swimming pools, foot baths, shops and video game machines
    so there is plenty to keep you amused in your own way during your stay.
4 Dinner
  • ● The stated time for dinner should be observed. This will differ from ryokan to ryokan depending on whether meals are served in the individual rooms or in a dining room.
  • ● Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks served with dinner are often charged separately so it is advisable to check this before ordering.
  • ● You are not permitted to bring your own drinks into ryokan from the point of view of hygiene.
5 Going to bed 6 Getting up 7 Breakfast
  • ● The breakfast schedule is usually confirmed at dinner the night before.
  • ● Breakfast schedules differ from ryokan to ryokan.
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